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Equal Rights For Bunnies (ERFB)

 WELCOME! this is my ERFB page. And i'm trying to stop bunny abuse 
(i Know, it's strange i have an ERFB page and have a page about 
torturing norns)ok you're planting your garden and all of a sudden, 
a cute little bunny pops out of the groundand steals 3/4 of your 
carrots an leaves about 4 behind. SO???? It's hungry!! so you try to
kill it?!?! Do you try to kill yourself when you get hungry and eat??
ok i'm trying 2 prove a join us! I have a club to protect 
bunny sitizens of albia!

e mail me @ and have the title be ERFB.
if you have a creaturespage, leave the url on the message.tell your
name & email. if you have a page, put the image below on it with a
 link to this page on it or below it. I'll visit your page and 
e-mail you. I'll also put your name on this page and a link to your 
page here. 
NOTE: before you are added to the club, you MUST put the image and 
url to this page on your page.(if you have a page)