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Grennorn's    C2    Hospital

You've probably seen my C1 hospital. well, now i've come out with a C2 one! now you can get your norns, grendels,and ettins healthy. If this is as big of a success as i hope, it may take a few days to get your pet a room! But i WILL get around to them. Note: i will take grettins,grennorns,nettins and any thing else you can think of. and i will try to teach it some language. it would be very helpful to send in a pet that has already learned language but they get sick when they get sick, and i will take anything at this time. sendin the name of it if you know the name, age if you can your name weather it is a norn,ettin grendel ,grennorn, etc. and any info on what it did to get sick. i will get it back to you as soon as possible!