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Grennorn's    Creatures2    Page

Welcome to my C2 page! Ok i got c2 a few weeks ago and making progress. here's some news: ******************************************************************************** Garden trobule: have you made a garden and bunnies and ants take the food? The same happend here I tried blocking it with force fields and guess what?? it DOESN'T work. after watching th bunnie eat nearly all my carrots for a minute,and think about this the pesky little ants, spiders, Grendels and bunnies are YOUR pets!! if they weren't, i'd be called Norns and ettins2. makes ya think dosen't it?? ******************************************************************************* ABUSE i know, i know, you look at this word and think, hey hitting my grendel, drowning my ants and drying up my goldfish isn't ABUSE, i was just keeping my norns and ettins healthy. WELL IT IS. you are still hitting your grendels aren't you? Isn't that just as bad as hitting your norn/ettin? Killing your bees/ants just because the hurt your norn? DO YOU KILL YOUR NORN/ETTINS IF THEY HURT YOUR BEES/ANTS? HUH? HUH? THINK ABOUT IT. I BET YOU DON'T. AND DRYING UP YOUR FISH FOR FOOD? WHY DON'T YOU JUST DROWN YOUR NORN/ETTIN FOR FISH FOOD? ok... i just went a bit physcho there... It's mainly just for laughs + i like to yell...


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