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‡Grennorn's‡ Abuser's Point of View

Have you ever gone to a norn abuser's page and gotten SO mad you felt like yo wanted to KILL them?? Most have. this is my Abuser's Point of view page.I was inspired to do this from anti-norn. I'm not a norn abuser meself, but i've talked to and agreed with alot of them. If you hate anti-norn and his pals, enough to kill them,(I used to) think about this quote by anti norn. "EVERYONE has tortured something in their albia " and i've learned that this is true. I used to torture grendels so has my friend, Norn_Boy. My friend Jessica has tortured grendels before she got creatures by coming over to me & Norn_Boy's house and tortured OUR norns and to this very day, she does still.thankfully, me& Norn_Boy stopped because i insisted. if you pay attention to this page and many others you will brobably agree that AN (anti-norn) and his pals aren't all that bad. ********************************************************************************** WHY THEY ARE BETTER THAN THAT ERFN CRAP: If you know a norn abuser, do they go around and hack ERFN pages?? NO. but what's sad is EFRN people go around hacking THEIR pages! ********************************************************************************** News: i'm trying to get an appointment with a norn abuser (possibly AN) to get what they have to say.